Keep That HDB Hub ShowroomStyle

All of us love that new car look. You pick it up in the showroom, The chairs are soft, the paint is bright and the glass is smudge free. Not a sign of dirt hanging around any of those wheel arches or slight but annoying drink stains on the rear seat. Pity it stays like that, eh? Allow the children, dog or let his face it – adults loose in your back seat and there will soon be spilt juice or coffee all over the place, brake dust building up on the metals and streaks across the bonnet. Unless you are going to put your vehicle in for a routine and pretty deep seated – and is not going to cost a pretty penny? – there is not much you can do about it.

Just, now there is. AutoglymLifeShine creates a protective layer around the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Not only will the procedure protect your vehicle for the amount of your possession, it will also allow it to retain much of its worth. We have all heard the statistic that a vehicle plummets in value the minute it leaves the showroom, but a lot of the car’s resale value is dependent on its cosmetic condition. Autoglym can protect against many of the smudges, stains and marks that make a car look old before its time.

hdb hub showroom

The AutoglymLifeShine Procedure is available to 70 percent of the population. Fully trained technicians will travel to meet you and can execute the protection process on site. As an alternative, you can travel to meet them at an authorised garage. The approach is only now available in the UK and Ireland through fully accredited ownerships, so you can be certain that you are paying for an excellent service.

First, your car needs to be ready for the procedure. This Means thoroughly cleaning the vehicle to remove any dirt or tar spots which are already there to guarantee the LifeShine gets the securest possible application. This hdb hub showroom section of this treatment is the most important on almost new and used cars, because they are obviously more likely to have gathered some grime. A clay bar and lubricants are utilized to remove any contaminants which may signify the LifeShine does not adhere properly. The inside of the vehicle is cleaned and cleaned, and any preexisting stains or marks eliminated.

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