The personal safety to know with Executive Protection Training

The first step in advanced Kidnap avoidance is to keep alert at all times and be conscious of your environment. Executives on global assignments rarely pay attention to what’s happening around them. Advanced anti-kidnapping methods place a considerable importance on monitoring skills: maintaining a constant state of vigilance, discovering questionable actions of others, anticipating and preventing possible danger at long, medium and long variety.

Executive Surveillance is a particularly planned, organized and goal-oriented action to discover the presence or absence of possible dangers in your general area. The distinction between executive surveillance and regular observation is that surveillance follows a goal for keeping you safe and a thorough observation plan which follows an exact method. Executive Surveillance is used to spell out specific threats to personal safety within a specific location. Executives will need to understand where kidnap threats are best and when pre-kidnap surveillance is evident. Thus, a high priority for consciousness is mandatory so decisions could be made and concrete preventative actions taken.


The Development of areas for basic vip protection courses is an easy skill to acquire and should become a vital part of your radar and warning device to maintain kidnappers from materializing from nowhere. These techniques are novel, and executives must absorb their security merits for preventing kidnapping. The practice is no more than categorizing the severity of risks in the region to ascertain a response.

  • Watch For individuals loitering in the region.
  • Obtain Continuing evaluation of information in the region.
  • Information provides a direct threat feedback loop.
  • Keep aware of people watching you.
  • Be Mindful of groups of three or more individuals on triangulation surveillance.
  • Avoid people getting too close to you Six feet is too close.
  • Avoid Vehicles placement too near One car length away is too close.
  • See whether there are any trends or patterns happening in the region.
  • Formulate an immediate response strategy for specific scenarios.

Prepare To retreat into a safe haven utilizing awareness and discipline. After all your job Search management and planning activities, you have secured an interview for a corporate bodyguard job. Your goal must be to demonstrate your qualifications for the position and demonstrate that you have a cool mind, common sense and are a corporate match. You must be able to articulate your qualifications and experiences in a positive way. Many qualified applicants are passed over because of lack of interview preparation and the inability to articulate a corporate match.


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