Cons Of Pokemon Go That You Should Think About – Read Here

The modern age is upon us — the world of Pokémon GO. This latest game engulfed the nation and is credited to getting children on their feet, out of the house, and into the way of harm. It has also taken over conversations, in addition to taking over monitors. Pokémon GO got mixed reviews. Many parents talk about opportunities while some specific health issues. If you’re not sure what to think, check out the following disadvantages to help you decide whether this game is right for your family. If you do think it’s right to allow them, go ahead and get real value for your money while buying level 40 pokemon go account for sale.

  • Increasing chances of injury due to the game’s immersion: There is some risk of injury with all that activity. The principal cause of injury is a distraction when playing the game. The game draws in the players, who instead struggle to pay any attention to their surroundings. As a consequence, several players reported spraining ankles, tripping, or crashing into doors, road signs, and other surfaces. Many competitors are so lost in the game they have unintentionally stepped through busy highways.
  • Increasing screen time: Pokémon GO is yet another screen time for your kids, despite being a mostly outdoor game. And as with many videogames, it can be addictive. If kids focus on the virtual world of Pokémon, they might be missing out on the real one. For too many Pokéstops situated at museums and historical places, kids will enjoy setting down their phones and discovering their surroundings while playing the game. Children may be so immersed in the game, though, that they lose out on the wonders that nature, community, and the great outdoors might bring.

Cons Of Pokemon Go That You Should Think About - Read Here

  • Trespassing and loitering: Many teams got in some danger because they walked or loitered in areas they were not supposed to be. The nature of the game encourages people to wander around and pursue Pokémon wherever they are. The trouble with this is the appearance of some Pokémon on private property. Players were found to be trespassing while attempting to catch a Pokémon.
  • Sharing account information: Beware Google users — if you or your child signed up for the game on an iOS phone using your Google account, the system granted Niantic Labs, Pokémon GO creators, total access permission to your account. The game’s developers said this was a mistake they are working to fix, but the only information they are accessing is basic profile information such as user ID and email addresses.


            No matter how many disadvantages come out, the benefits of this game still outweigh the cons – although by allowing yourself and the members of your family to gain freedom on playing, it is always important that you guide onto the right path. This will not only help them but as well as help you be complacent that you have done the right thing and be confident as you that they are well-guided.

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