Value of Open Signal Maps in Mobile Connective

This application is among the most frequently downloaded free of charge in the Play store. With this application, you will be guided by arrows, radars, and maps to detect the nearest BTS tower. This sophistication is what causes many people to download and install this application signal booster for Singapore  on their Android. This application is one of the 3 applications to strengthen the best Android phone signal.

Phone Signal Booster

Wi-Fi Booster Easy Connect

This application works to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal so that internet data speeds on Android phones can be driven even faster. This application is quite lightweight and does not spend much storage space on the memory of a cell phone or smartphone. So, for example, if you are in a free Wi-Fi area where your cell phone catches several Wi-Fi waves at once you can choose which Wi-Fi wave is the most powerful.

Wi-Fi Overview 360

The Wi-Fi Overview 360 application is also able to track the location of Wi-Fi networks so you can know where is the most powerful position to receive Wi-Fi connections. More complete, this application provides information in the form of the name, channel number, encryption, and signal strength.

Network Signal Info

The Network  signal booster for Singapore  for android offers cellular signal tracking as well as Wi-Fi. Pretty good even though many complained that the signal instructions were less accurate despite having 14 bars. But indeed the nature of waves is easy to change, so it’s OK to be one of the choices for signal booster applications. So in conclusion, various ways to strengthen the cellphone signal, as misunderstood as such, are basically how to track the nearest BTS to a cellphone using an application. A number of the applications above are trusted and powerful 3G / 4G signal booster applications. Good applications like this to track cellular and Wi-Fi signals by themselves help you find the position that receives the strongest signal, which is closest to the BTS or Wi-Fi transmitter.

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