What are the different kinds of inside antenna used in a signal booster?

The interior antenna is used to rebroadcast the improved signals at that place where the cell signal booster is used. It is an important component of the signal booster system. The interior antennas are the output side of the system which gets the amplified signals from the amplifier and broadcast it back into the place where it is placed. The amplifier through the coaxial cable, which is an input device enhances the input signal to a useable level. With the help of coaxial cable, the amplified signal is transmitted to the interior antenna. This part is the processing part of the complete system. After transmitting the amplified signal to the interior antenna which is mounted on the room’s ceiling or at the interior wall at home or offices it starts work for the output process. The amplified signals broadcasted by an internal antenna in the room are used by cell phones. According to the different places and requirements inside antennas are available in different kinds. They are different for homes, offices or other immovable places and differ for mobile vehicles.

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For home and building the interior antenna are available in two different kinds; one is a panel antenna and the other is dome antenna.

Panel antenna: Panel-antenna usually mounted on the wall and tends to broadcast again the strong signal, the area close to it. They are uni-directional antennas having the ability of strong broadcast. Amplified signals are moving in a single direction inside the panel antenna. They can be fixed in both the ceiling and your room or inside the wall. They are an appropriate option for long rectangular places. You can mount than in your building lobbies, no. of floors etc.

Demo antennas: This kind of antenna has a broad range of broadcasting in all directions. They are the most appropriate option for broadcasting amplified signals on the same floor only. They are the best option for the square or circular places so that the whole space gets a better cellular reception boost.

For the cars and in the other movable vehicles there are two kinds of interior antennas are present:

The Low-profile antenna: These antennas are placed with the help of using Velcro that sticks and removed easily. They have the ability for signal broadcasting up to four feet in every direction.

The Penal antennas: These kinds of antennas are suitable for boats, ships that have a large room area.

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